In honor of Nate Boyer – A fundraiser for Afghan Children

By HornSports

In a recent conversation with Nate Boyer, Texas football player, former Green Beret and recently deployed soldier, I asked if we could send him and his fellow United States servicemen a care package. Turns out him and the guys are pretty fixed up, but he relayed through a new friend of ours, Sarah Smith @SASmith_UT, that if we wanted to help, he would appreciate us sending some things to the Afghan children, while he makes his rounds. Items like small toys and candy would be a joy for these children, as Nate wrote:

Stuff for the local people, the children of Afghanistan who don’t have a choice. Who play in the garbage and sewage because that is their closest thing to a playground.

Sarah works with a group called Caring for Camo. Here is how they describe themselves:

We are student run organization at the University of Texas who support currently deployed US Troops by sending letters & care packages. Be a Hero. Help a Hero.

With the blessing of BBDude, the head man here at @HornSports, I suggested we do more. Not only do I want to send Nate a package for the children, but I would like, with your help, to fund Caring for Camo with a nice donation for their endeavor.

Less than three weeks ago they sent 86 packages to our men and women in harms way. Their goal is to do more next semester. I want Horn Sports and Longhorn fans to help them with that goal, and that takes money. Not earth shattering money but a donation in any amount would be greatly appreciated.

You can donate with PayPal or Credit Card. I started the fund with $25 but just sent another $12 to bring my contribution to $37 to match Nate’s number. Check out their page, and send em a few Horn Bucks.

We have put a time limit on this particular project. You have until 11:59 pm on Memorial Day (Monday, May 27th) to join the crew and give this really great Longhorn organization a few dollars.

Thanks to Nate, his comrades, Caring for Camo and Sarah Smith.